Cavit (Italian acronym of Cantina Viticoltori del Trentino – Trentino Grape Growers’s Cellar) is a cooperative group uniting 10 Cellars of Trentino with overall 4,500 associated grape growers.
Today Cavit gathers, inspects and selects the grapes produced in the associated cellars, supervising each phase from refining to bottling the result is an award winning quality both nationally and internationally.




    Cavit’s Charmat method sparkling wines are “youthful tasting” products, with exuberant and fresh fruity fragrances and a delicate flavour.

  • White wines

    White wines produced with grapes grown from careful hands in Trentino at high altitudes on glacial and volcanic soils.
    Varieties such as Müller Thurgau, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris and Nosiola flourish in a unique terroir offering wines rich of flavours of flowers and fruits, complexity and long-lived.

  • Rosé wines

    Rosé wines are part of the tradional winemaking from Trentino, such as the Schiava grape grown since ages along the Adige river's bank, full of fruits flavours and crisp together with a light body.

  • Red wines

    Autoctonous grape varieties, such as Teroldego and Marzeminno, and international grape varieties, like Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon, have found their natural environment in several areas of the Trentino region, from the Piana Rotaliana to the Vallagarina, thanks to the different characteristics of the terroir, which are reflected through intense flavours and rich structure into the wines.

  • Dessert wines

    The specific characteristics of the terroir and climate in Trentino are favourable for the production of sweet wines, whose grapes are collected as late harvest and sun dried in the vineyard.

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